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Galleries that use the Spinnsoft Gallery Database can purchase the optional Web Publisher module. This module interfaces with your website to transfer your gallery database information up to the web. Once the information has been transferred to the website the Web Components interface with the data to produce your web pages as visitors visit your site, always displaying the most recent information.


How does the Web Publisher work?

The Spinnsoft Gallery Web Publisher makes it easy for you to publish your inventory online. You could update your web page daily with no web designer involved. All it takes is a click of a button.

Your inventory, categories and artists will be uploaded automatically to the web server so your Clients will be able to search your web site to find the artwork that interests them.

  • Keep your Clients up-to-date on your inventory!
  • When a new piece arrives it could be on your web page that very same day!
  • Save time and money - The computer does the work for you!

Easily select webpage contents from your Spinnsoft Gallery Database and automatically update webpage contents from your Spinnsoft Gallery Database

Simply select the Inventory items that you would like to publish and decide if you would like to include the Artist Biography and Sales Price for each piece.

Then click the "Publish Now!" Button.

That's it. Your information is automatically sent up to your website and the Webpage Script Components grab that information to create your site! You do not need a web designer for any inventory, artist, or artist biography changes!


Change your inventory pages every day if you want, in only minutes!


How do the Webpage Script Components work?


The Webpage Components are a group of add-in tools which communicate with the Spinnsoft Database information. They are essentially modules which give your webpage functionality such as a Thumbnail List, Custom Menu, Guestbook, or an Events Page. They can be easily modified to match your needs and the desired look of your website.



For a list and demonstration of some of the Components please visit this link:

View The Spinnsoft Components


If you have an existing site or work with a web designer we can usually incorporate the Webpage Components easily into the existing structure. Otherwise we would be glad to work with you on developing a new website.


We are continuously adding new Components and modifying existing Components. If you do not find a component to match your needs we can easily create a custom solution for you.